111 SKIN


A. The Intensive Collection – $1,333

The luxurious Transformative Celestial Black Diamond Set combines advanced, clinically-inspired ingredients with ground breaking
medical research. The collection utilises black diamond particles, used to transport the unique NAC Y2 formula along with Hyaluronic Acid, deep into the skin. This anti-aging range works to promote brightening and cell-regeneration for a firmer, more toned, and youthful.




B. The Multimasking Planner – $126.00

The miracle masks for perfect, party-ready skin. Whether you are firming, hydrating or brightening, these picks of potent masks ensures a targeted, immersive treatment that restores and refreshes for a conditioned





C. Radiant Skin Beauty Dose – $113

This full spectrum antioxidant is based on the original supplements that were given to astronauts going to the extreme environment of space to protect them from rapid ageing. These vitamins and minerals work in synergy to boost levels of Glutathione, the body’s most
potent antioxidant, to support the body’s natural defence
mechanisms and delay ageing. 3 month supply.