15. Pulsaderm

A. Renu – $149.00

Pulsaderm Renu is an at home microdermabrasion system that uses diamond exfoliation combined with vacuum suction to polish the skin. The stationary diamond tip gives you full control and enables you to maneuver the skin, so you can experience noticeably smoother skin even after just one treatment.



B. UltraSonic Washcloth with Extender Wand – $79.00

The Pulsaderm UltraSonic combines sonic pulsation technology with medical grade silicone to deliver a powerful, yet gentle, cleansing experience. Hundreds of silicone nodules move across the skin delivering sonic pulses that clean and delicately exfoliate the skin. Sonic pulses of this antimicrobial silicone device effectively break up dirt, oil and makeup from the skin.