Kylie Jenner Beauty Empire


Kylie Jenner launched a powerhouse brand.  Her, Kris Jenner and team revolutionized the beauty industry with their take on beauty products. Here is our time line on the development of this amazing brand.  NOTE:  Kylie Jenner has been in business for  1 year.  Right.

Launch of Kylie Cosmetics 2016- Kylie Jenner launched her first products the liquid lipstick + lip liner duo, known as the Kylie Lip Kit. The kit did so well, it sold out and was the launching pad for Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner.

The Launch of the Official Pop Up Shop for Kylie Cosmetics in NYC for NYFW- Kylie Jenner offered her first Pop Up Shop in NYC for New York
Fashion Week February 13, 2017. The Pop Up Shop shut down an entire NYC street to thousands of fans awaiting its open.

Kylie Cosmetics said to become a BILLION DOLLAR Brand- Kylie Jenner and her mother/manager Kris Jenner worked on collabs with her sister Kim and created a soon to be billion dollar brand that has completely changed the view of beauty brands and their product lines.

Life of Kylie on E! debuts- Kylie Jenner launched her new show on E! on August 6, 2017. Episode 1 had a viewership of 1.12 million viewers worldwide. The show is loved by many of her followers and fans are already requesting the release date of Season 2.

Congratulations Kylie!  We look foward to seeing what is next!

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