Cartier x Oceans 8



Cartier is named as the official jewelry partner for the highly anticipated movie Oceans 8.   The movie will be released this Summer.   Cartier is one of The worlds top jewelers.    We can’t wait for the movie. Ready?!


Photo Courtesy: Cartier Vault designed for Oceans 8 for Warner’s Bros.





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    Hey J! I like that it rhymes. No harm intended – Dennis and you do great reviews. It is obvious you both love the show and pimp it quite often. My Inception comments were prompted because so many people were referencing it. That trend plays like a non statement to me. It is like saying something is nice. What does that mean exactly? Or it is like saying a Western rips off other Westerns because – gasp! – the hero rides a horse and carries a six shooter. Keep on Fringing!

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