Fashion offers Advice to Fashion Industry offers advice to Fashion industry and it is to the point: #Innovate.   Our Editors are so in a standing ovation.  Why?  We like seeing fashion and technology collide.  How? All of these apps, all of the web stores, all of the payments processes and so much more.   For one, we have more ways to shop retail and have it delivered to our door versus taking the entire day shopping for our wants/needs.   Two, there is much more variety for us online and the retailers are presenting their best to the world versue duplicates of everything.  What does this mean?  More color, sizes and styles.   Lastly, we can pay with Apply Pay, Android Pay, Paypal, Cash app and more.   So digital currency is on the rise.   We see a few things that may lag in Fashion and in retail?  Go to shop and having to actually pull out your credit card to pay.  Soon, we will see text to payment, hopefully?!   We shall see.

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