Heavy-Duty, Low Profile, Tilting and Locking Wall Mount for 32”-70” LCD, LED, Plasma TVs – $79.99

Mount-It!® MI-303L is the solution to your wall mounting needs. Not only will it cover most screens and weights on the market, but it is built to last through future upgrades as well. The unique design makes installation easy and viewing your screen comfortable. The tilt range will cover any potential needs for home theaters, public events, offices, lobbies, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Don’t be caught with a cheaper model that causes a sagging or leaning screen over time. Our mount comes with a high load capacity that will ensure your TV stays put forever. The child-proof and accident-proof latching system can ensure your TV will not accidentally fall or be knocked off of its mount. Moving your screen from one position to another is easy thanks to the adjustable tilt knobs. It will take mere seconds to adjust your screen to match your sitting position to match a standing one.

The low profile design is paired with a modern black sleek powder finish for a contemporary appearance. The black coating is tied with a bubble level for easy installation. Cable management holes will keep your mount sufficiently organized and your hardware at a minimum visibility.

All necessary hardware and instructions included. Check your VESA plate, screen size, and screen weight before purchasing.