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It’s that time of year, where we review many upfronts  world’sfor seasons in business, media and networks.  The New York Times plans to enhance its digital game and stand firmly behind podcasts.  The News giants wants so of that on-phone screen time.  They want/will become the news leaders for the world.  We shall continue to track these developments.


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    You may have hit that nail Don – “they don’t want to face the facts”. It’s the old truth hurts I believe. However, from my own past experience, once you face up sort of speak you are then saying’ Wow! that wasn’t so bad and you feel awesome.

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    Hi Steven, Looking at the heatmap it looks like there was a very small O2 reading in that area. It’s likely to be caused by a phone that is recording it’s location incorrectly. For a variety of reasons sometimes a phone can record a location that is far from accurate. So it’s likely that this O2 user was far from Northgate Hospital. The second tower is being recorded as 2G because we do not have any user recording 3G signal from this tower. Our maps are currently a few weeks out of date, so it may be that we have correct data, and in the next map refresh it will be correctly displayed.

  7. 5 June, 2018 at 19:43 Reply

    Unfortunately, many people have been taught to never expose their weakness to their “subordinates” and that is just the kind of mindframe that can be so hard to break free of. Even hiring screening tests often have questions along those lines and the “correct” answers are the ones where the boss is always in complete control. Working together is a fantastic model, but it takes a lot of work to change the corporate culture of the boss as all-knowing.

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  9. 5 June, 2018 at 23:51 Reply

    in 1999 that the goal of Israel’s separation policy should be eliminating the presence of Palestinian labor from inside Israel. The fact that the state merely displaced Palestinian workers with migrant labor hardly represents an exorcism of the ghosts of Zionism past, especially considering the level of violence and invective directed against the migrants.

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  15. 6 June, 2018 at 09:52 Reply

    If the media, ALL media, wants to survive, they have to get out of the Dem/Lib bed and get mainstream Conservative… Otherwise, when WE lose rights, THEY lose rights, and maybe, just MAYBE, that light bulb finally started to flicker for them..

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  18. 6 June, 2018 at 13:38 Reply

    why has Dulton kept a moratorium on wind power development all theses years while he claims to be so very, very green ??? Something to do with his skanky anti-environmental position about coal fired generating plants perhaps ?What a frik’n hypocrite, but then he’s a Liberal so what else can you expect.

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